Toasted Beef Ravioli

Potato Skins

Chicken Fingers

Buffalo Tenders

Fried Mozzarella

Onion Rings:  Good Thymes favorite, hand breaded and fried till golden brown

Appetizer Combo:  Can’t Decide? Try our combo! Your Choice of any three


Small Garden Salad 

Homemade Soup of the Day:  Cup   |  Bowl

Chowder (When Available):  Cup   |  Bowl

Large Garden Salad

  • with Steak Tips 
  • with Teriyaki Chicken
  • with Buffalo Tenders
  • with Grilled Chicken
  • with Teriyaki Shrimp
  • with Salmon 

KIDS MEALS – For our friends 12 years and younger.

All Kids Meals –  Includes Drink and Dessert

Options –

  • Chicken Nuggets with French Fries
  • Hot Dog with French Fries
  • Pasta with Sauce
  • Cheeseburger with French Fries
  • Grilled Cheese with French Fries


Shepard’s Pie  Savory ground beef, golden corn and topped with real mashed potatoes.

Croquettes  Diced chicken or turkey rolled in stuffing with a tasty croquette sauce fried & topped with gravy makes this dish a homemade favorite.

Sweet & Sour Chicken  One of our most enjoyable meals! Boneless chicken breast coated with bread crumbs, fried and topped with the vivid colors of onions, peppers & pineapple topped with our homemade sweet & sour sauce.

Chicken Pot Pie  This delightful dish is made with all white chicken, baked with gravy topped with a flaky crust.

Boneless Short Rib  Rich fork tender marbled beef.  Braised for 3 ½ hours in our flavorsome brown stock.

Country Fried Chicken  This delicious boneless chicken breast coated with fresh bread crumbs fried & topped with gravy.

Chicken Fingers  All white meat chicken tenders, fried with bread crumbs.

Roast Turkey Dinner  Our beautiful homemade turkey dinner is made with all white meat and served with bread stuffing.  Complimented with gravy and a side of cranberry sauce.


Marinated Steak Tips  A generous portion of our tender & juicy sirloin tips are charbroiled pleasing to your taste.

Baby Back Ribs  These scrumptious ½ rack of ribs are slow cooked and basted with our special barbeque sauce.

Boneless Pork Chop  Mouthwatering one inch thick cut grilled pork is lightly seasoned to perfection.

Teriyaki Chicken  Tender flamed broiled chicken breast glazed with a delicious teriyaki sauce.

Boneless Rib Eye  Our Juicy 16oz. boneless USDA choice will melt in your mouth.


All Sandwiches Are Served On A Bulkie Roll

Fried Chicken Sandwich  Tender chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise served on a bulkie roll.

Fried Haddock Sandwich  Served with lettuce, tomato, & Mayonnaise.

Turkey Sandwich  All white meat, cooked fresh daily. Served with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise.

Sirloin Burger  Served with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise.

Add:  cheese +1  |  bacon +1


Spaghetti and Meatballs  Traditional homemade meatballs blended with just the right mix of spices.

Chicken Cutlet with Lemon Butter Sauce  Our super tasty lemon sauce served over a boneless chicken breast coated with bread crumbs served with your choice of pasta.

Chicken Parmigiana  A fantastic Italian dish. Breaded boneless chicken breast topped with marinara sauce & provolone cheese served with pasta.  Lunch   |  Dinner

Shrimp Broccoli & Ziti  Grilled shrimp tossed in our Alfredo sauce.

Shrimp Scampi  Wonderful in taste and aroma, our shrimp is baked in our tasty garlic sauce served with pasta.

Chicken Broccoli & Ziti  Fresh cream and butter, parmesan cheese makes our alfredo sauce with broccoli and chicken.   Lunch    |  Dinner

American Chop Suey  Ground beef cooked with onions & simmered in marinara sauce and tossed with ziti.


Lowell’s Best & Freshest Seafood Around

Fried Clam Strips

Fried Native Clams  –  Market Price

Sea Scallops  (Baked, Fried or Broiled) Lunch   |  Dinner

Fantail Shrimp  Baked, Fried or Broiled

Salmon  Delivered fresh, our salmon is Atlantic Farm raised and simply deliscious. Plain, dill or Dijon topped with ritz cracker crumbs.

Half & Half  Choice of any two of our first rate, high quality, superior seafood selections above. Higher Price Prevails.

Haddock Bella Vista  Baked haddock topped with diced peppers, onions & tomatoes with a light coating of ritz cracker crumbs. A delightful combination.  Lunch   |  Dinner

Seafood Casserole  The freshest haddock, succulent scallops and tasty shrimp are baked with a lemon butter sauce and topped with ritz cracker crumbs.

Haddock Nuggets  Lunch   |  Dinner

Haddock  (Baked, Fried or Broiled)  Lowell’s Best!  Lunch    |  Dinner

Haddock Margherita  Baked Haddock cooked with a pleasant flavor of fresh basil, tomato and mozzarella cheese topped with a light coating of our ritz cracker topping.  Lunch    |  Dinner

****  Cooked to your liking. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood, poultry or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Before placing your order, please inform your server if you or a person in your party has a food allergy.  


  • Milk
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Grapefruit Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Orange juice
  • Cranberry juice


  • Pepsi
  • Diet Pepsi
  • Root Beer
  • Ginger Ale
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea
  • Raspberry Iced tea
  • Shirley Temple


  • Budweiser
  • Bud Light
  • Michelob Ultra
  • St. Paulie
  • Miller lite
  • Coors Light
  • Sam Adams – boston
  • Sam Adams – Seasonal
  • Heineken
  • Corona
  • Amstel Light
  • Harpoon IPA
  • Blue Moon
  • Yuengling
  • Black & Tan
  • Stella Artois
  • Angry Orchard


  • Chardonnay
  • White Zinfandel
  • Pinot Grigio
  • Merlot
  • Cabernet Creative Ponot Noir
  • Reisling
  • Moscato
  • Malbec
  • Chianti